Call for Posters

Whether you already are a researcher or aspire to be one, feel invited to submit poster abstracts. We would like not only to reflect on how philosophy is able to analyze popular culture but also to ask if pop-cultural authors are philosophers themselves by including philosophical content in their pieces.

As this iteration of the cycle is inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, presentation submissions concerning his works and horror are especially welcome, yet do not limit yourself to those. Everything dark and unexplainable is welcome! But that is not all...

There is an almost infinite range of topics you can propose for our conference (and convention!). We are interested in all types of pop-cultural works, genres and activities, including films, TV series, novels, short stories, video games, board games, pieces of music, concerts, music videos, as well as ‘borderline’ types of artworks (comics, gamebooks, visual novels, street art, fashion…), and fan activities (conventions, fan fiction, fan clubs, fandom creativity and behavior on the Internet, LARPs, etc.). Analyses made from the point of view of any philosophical subdiscipline are all welcome.

Posters are to take form of an interactive argumentation graph. You will be able to create them with Swarmcheck software—it allows presenting precise statements on a given topic and relating them with each other by supporting, undermining, or steelmanning. We will explain how to use the software in the proposal acceptation email.

You can provide your research via presentation if you prefer to. Such submissions go here. No matter the form, check the list of some possible pop-cultural topics provided at there. Of course, we are sure you are going to surprise us with your own ideas.



Swarmcheck is the cornerstone of the Myśl jak naukowiec (English: Think like a scientist) project concerning methodology and philosophy of science—we highly recommend acquainting yourself with the discussions and participating in them! They certainly may inspire your poster topic.

All submissions can be in English or in Polish and are free of charge.

The call will cease on 15 April 2021, at 23:59 UTC, and you will be notified on the proposal acceptation via email no later than 22 April.

Submitting data via the form indicates giving consent for processing the former for proposal evaluation and programme creation and distribution, as well as for your image, voice and necessary data being streamed over event-related social media and used during event promotion. University of Silesia in Katowice is the data administrator in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

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