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12–13 Sep 2020
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The Event

Fan Convention and Academic Conference
12–13 Sep 2020

Complicatedness of all things greatly exceeds mental capacities of a one who keeps off experimental science and wants to take shelter in a realm of philosophical thinking.
(Lem, A Blink of an Eye)

Optimum Pareto Foundation, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of Pedagogical University of Krakow, City of Krakow, EduVRLab Research Laboratory, Krakow Festival Office, Krakow UNESCO City of Literature, Polish Science Fiction Foundation, Polish Transhumanist Association, and Regional Public Library in Krakow invite you to ‘PhilosophyCon: The Fifth Voyage’, an innovative meeting concerning all things pop-culture, which combines an international academic conference with a fan convention. The event is taking place on 12–13 September 2020 in a fully remote formvia Facebook streaming.

The fifth iteration of the cycle is a part of the 99th anniversary of birth of Stanisław Lem thus attractions concerning works of the writer and futurologist are especially welcome, yet do not limit yourself to such ones.

Once again, you have decided with us what is to be discovered and experienced at the ‘PhilosophyCon: The Fifth Voyage’—you can check the programme here.

Where can you watch any streaming and ask content-related questions? All presentations from the first column of the programme are to be hosted at Filozofikon • PhilosophyCon, all poster sessions at Myśl jak naukowiec, and others (discussion included) at Wojewódzka Biblioteka Publiczna w Krakowie.

The event is co-funded by the Krakowskie Konferencje Naukowe (English: Krakow Academic Conferences) Programme.

All forms of participation are free of charge.


See you at ‘PhilosophyCon: The Fifth Voyage’!



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The Cycle

What is PhilosophyCon?

The PhilosophyCon: Fan Convention and Academic Conference cycle makes possible something that does not happen very often: gathering philosophers, philosophers-to-be, and popular culture fans. This becomes a perfect opportunity for popularising philosophy as such.

Thanks to the editions so far, each year about 200 beings learn more about such fantastic issues like rhetoric of video games, bioethical aspect of augmentations straight out of the Deus Ex series, and ontological plots of well-known manga and anime.

Feel invited to follow this website as well as the event and fan pages on Facebook. Announcements concerning participation of special guests, information on patrons, and invitations to additional draws are to be announced gradually.


Special Guests

Sven Dwulecki

PhD candidate at University of Bayreuth, works in the gaming industry for several years now. Currently Head of Marketing at THQ Nordic, he combines his professional experiences with his academic insights. Concepts such as Game Dynamic Narrative Analysis (GDNA) and Principle of Calibration aim to create analytical tools to better understand the full rhetorical potential of video games for customers and publishers alike.

Agnieszka Gajewska

Associate professor at Institute of Polish Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, literary scholar, author of Zagłada i gwiazdy. Przeszłość w Prozie Stanisława Lema (2016) and Hasło: Feminizm (2008). Editor of Teorie Wywrotowe translation anthology. Head of Interdisciplinary Center for Gender and Identity Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań.

(photo by Agnieszka Zdziabek)

Szymon Kloska

Literary activist and critic. He tells of books on TV and radio, occasionally publishes in printed magazines and other media. He hosted many TV programmes and broadcasts on literature, including: WOK—Wszystko o Kulturze, Książki na Lato, and Myślnik. He has hosted the Piątka z Literatury broadcast in RMF Classic radio for more than a decade. Long-time employee of Polish Book Institute, involved in Krakow UNESCO City of Literature project since January 2017. Co-creator of Children’s Literature Festival. Spokesperson for Gdynia Literary Prize and curator of City of Word Festival that accompanies the Prize.


(photo by Anna Rezulak)

Łukasz Kucharczyk

PhD, assistant lecturer at Department of Polish Contemporary Literature and Literary Criticism at Faculty of Humanities at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University. Author of the doctoral dissertation titled Body Boundaries: Somapoetics in the Work of Stanisław Lem and the book (in preparation) of the same title. He published in the Journal of Humanities of Catholic University of Lublin and Ruch Literacki, amongst others. As a reviewer, he cooperates with Topos. He is particularly interested in fantasy and science fiction, modern methodologies of literary research, and strategies of literary criticism.

Kamil Muzyka

AKA ‘Tygrzyk’

Prior Arts researcher, expert in the fields of patent law and space law. PhD candidate at Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He published both academic and popular science papers on AI law, space resources, in-space manufacturing, and industrial uses of biological organisms. Member of Polish Transhumanist Association, Science Advocates Association, national point of contact for Poland at Space Generation Advisory Council, and a board member of Polish Science Fiction Foundation. Co-editor of Prawo i Kosmos – Prawo Kosmiczne.

Nicolás Emanuel Olivares

AKA ‘Neo’

PhD, lawyer from the National University of Córdoba (UNC), University Teaching Professor at Catholic University of Córdoba (UCC). Doctor in Law and Social Sciences (UNC), Magister in Law and Juridical Argumentation (UNC). His teaching position is Constitutional History and Constitutional Law Professor at National University of La Pampa (UNLPam), and his research one is Postdoctoral External Scholar at University of Girona (UdG), financed by the CONICET.


City of Krakow 

On the place of PhilosophyCon's dawn

Krakow was always where PhilosophyCon editions and its satellite events took place—although this time we are meeting fully remotely, the City co-organises our enterprise through the Krakowskie Konferencje Naukowe (English: Krakow Academic Conferences) programme!


‘Due to its demographic, economic, social and scientific-cultural strength, Krakow ranks second in Poland among cities. It has unique values that are the basis of its economic development and an increase in the quality of life. It has high-quality human capital at its disposal. It is a city people consciously choose as a place to live, work, study, spend free time in a variety of ways. Sustainable development and the ability to meet specific challenges with the skilful use of own resources are the main priorities.

The academic center, with its 650 year old University, is permanently connected with the city and builds an unrepeated resource of knowledge in a unique way. It is the key to competitiveness and innovation not only of Krakow, but also of the entire region. The intensively developing economy based on knowledge is a completely new process in the economic life of the City, which makes it part of the modern economies of the world.

The overriding goal for Krakow is not only to be a modern city but also to be proud of its historical heritage. It aspires to be an open, rich, friendly and safe metropolis, vibrant with culture. Smart management and strengthening the sphere of modern services and the research and development sector are the foundations for the development of Krakow—a city where innovation and effective cooperation between science and business are the focus.

We invite you to visit our website and learn about the possibilities offered by magical Krakow—rooted in tradition, sensitive to everyday life and open to development:’

(the City)

A brochure can be downloaded here.

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